Chocolate Scents for Palm Wax Candles & Soy Wax Candle Scents from Candles of the Light™

Here at Candles of the Light™ we are big chocolate fans, but we're sort of picky so we offer a select grouping of chocolate scented palm wax and soy wax candles for your enjoyment. If you do not find the chocolate inspired scent that you specifically like please visit our scent category page or our full list of scents. If you still do not find your desired candle scent listed please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know so that we may look into expanding our candle scent offerings.

Cafe Mocha Candles

Cafe Mocha scented palm wax and soy wax candles will find a cozy home when paired with the frou-frou coffee drinker friend on your gift list. This Cafe Mocha scent smells like the familiar delicious drink of fresh brewed coffee, chocolate syrup, and vanilla topped with marshmallows.

Chocolate Caramel Twist Candles

Chocolate Caramel Twist scented palm wax and soy wax candles are a great take on two standalone scents – Caramel Delight and Hot Fudge Brownies. When combined, these two great scents create Chocolate Caramel Twist, a decadent treat to be consumed.

Chocolate Covered Cherries Candles

Chocolate Drizzled Cherries scented palm wax and soy wax candles from Candles of the Light™ smell like sweet maraschino cherries in a milk chocolate bath.

Chocolate Covered Raspberries Candles

Just imagine ripe raspberries drizzled with dark chocolate and a touch a sweet vanilla. Candles of the Light™ offers Chocolate Topped Raspberries in both palm wax and soy wax candles.

Chocolate Covered Strawberries Candles

Chocolate Covered Strawberries are already a favorite treat for a romantic get-away, so imagine that made into a candle. Chocolate Covered Strawberries palm wax and soy wax candles smell like juicy ripe strawberries coated in creamy milk chocolate with faint backgrounds of orange liquor and vanilla cream to round it out.

Hot Fudge Brownies Candles

Hot Fudge Brownies scented palm wax and soy wax candles are a decadent treat of fresh-from-the-oven yumminess smothered with hot fudge. This Hot Fudge Brownie scent is sure to tickle the taste buds of every chocoholic.