Fall Scents for Palm Wax Candles & Soy Wax Candle Scents from Candles of the Light™

Autumn is a magical time of year so celebrate the season with one of our fall-theme candle scents. Our line of autumn scents are sure to spice up your home. If you do not find the tropical scent of your choice please visit our scent category page or our full list of scents. If you still do not find your desired candle scent listed please do not hesitate to contact us and let us know so that we may look into expanding our candle scent offerings.

Autumn Whispers Candles

Palm wax and soy wax candles scented with Autumn Whispers have a soft fall-spice experience. The Autumn Whispers wax scent is made of a combination of various other scents including lemon, apple, anise, cinnamon, ginger, woods, musk, and vanilla. Your house will smell like the start of fall with an Autumn Whispers palm wax or soy wax candle from Candles of the Light™.

Candy Corn Candles

A surefire crowd-pleaser, Candy Corn Delight palm wax candles and Candy Corn Delight soy wax candles by Candles of the Light™ smells just like warm vanilla candy with faint hints of butter and almond; great year-round but especially in the fall.

Caramel Apple Butter Pie Candles

Caramel Apple Butter Pie scented palm wax and soy wax candles are a great baked goods scent with base fragrances of apples, steamed milk, sugar, caramel, toffee pudding, apple butter, nutmeg, vanilla bean, and soft musk. If you were to burn a Candles of the Light™ Caramel Apple Butter Pie Candle in your kitchen all of your visitors will be wondering when you'll be serving dessert. Caramel Apple Butter Pie candles are great year-round and are especially wonderful for the fall months in our glass jars.

Cinnamon Pumpkin a la Mode Candles

Cinnamon Pumpkin a la Mode scented palm wax and soy wax candles are great for autumn. Cinnamon Pumpkin a la Mode is a pleasant, warm combination of pumpkin pie, cinnamon, and french vanilla.

Fireside Nights Candles

Fireside Nights is a homey candle scent that Candles of the Light™ offers. The Fireside Nights candle scent has a nice earthy tone with a woods, cedar, pine, balsam flavoring mixed together. Candles of the Light™ Fireside Nights candles are great for those who love the smell of a wood burning fireplace or campfire. This is a great scent in one of our glass jars or in a candle tin.

Pumpkin Spice Candles

Pumpkin Spice palm wax and soy wax candles smell wonderful all year long, but are especially fitting for the autumn season. Pumpkin Spice candles have that dreamy aroma of pumpkin pie filling, pecans, and spice.